Welcome to West Virginia Dermatological Society

Who We Are

The purposes of this society shall be to improve dermatological care for our patients and our knowledge to deliver such care. 

Also, to extend dermatological knowledge and skills to those other physicians and allied individuals who provide care in our field. 

Thirdly, to increase public awareness of dermatological diseases, their diagnosis and treatment, in an effort to make the public more aware of our field and related matters.

2019 West Virginia Dermatological Society Speaker Lineup Announced

        Steven Feldman, MD                Jared Jagdeo, MD           Aaron Santmyire, APRN, DNP            Neal Bhatia, MD                      Jill Waibel, MD


2019 West Virginia Dermatological Society Resident Speaker Lineup Announced


       Sara Kurian, MD                   Colleen Beatty, MD               Sanjana Iyengar, MD            Samantha Jenkins, MD          William Farmer, MD